Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picture of our Blog

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Here is a picture of the our blog provided by

Here is the legend they provide to help interpret the graph. It is clear that the all of the blogs referencing our blog are not listed (due to the sparsity of data collected at bscopes). As is, the value of this graph limited to showing the number of links within each of our blog entries. Despite the current limitations, I find the idea of providing a web service that produces a visual representation of a blog interesting.


steveg said...

You'll find that the 'picture' in the widget is dynamic. Bscopes updates the map of each feed on a daily basis. Any new posts or new incoming links will get graphed at that time. So, your Bscope Widget will keep pace with any changes you make!

Matt Smith said...

@steveg - Yep, dynamically updating the picture is definitely a nice feature. What software do you use on the back-end to generate the graphs? Is that GraphViz or something else?